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Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown’s first novel, THE RUNNING HORSE OF SANTA TERESA, was released in 2009, and his work has appeared in THE OXFORD AMERICAN, the anthologies MAPLE LEAF RAG IV and LITERARY AUSTIN, as well as various journalsWhen he isn’t working on his nonfiction book about his winter living near the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners area of New Mexico, he teaches at Middle Tennessee State University.

Articles by Kevin Brown

ALBUM REVIEW: Royal Southern Brotherhood Thumbnail

ALBUM REVIEW: Royal Southern Brotherhood

Neville, Allman, and Zito—who share songwriting duties—succeed admirably in synthesizing their various influences into the imprint that defines the band: a classic groove that is heavy with rock sensibilities, yet allows room for the individuals to meander into their favorite genres.
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BOOK REVIEW: Stinking Creek Thumbnail

BOOK REVIEW: Stinking Creek

J. Harold’s thirteen-year-old sister, Virginia, will never cut her hair again “because she belongs to God.” She cries, thinking about how her father “took J. Harold to bad places where Christians are not supposed to go. To the wrestling in Knoxville.” Virginia waits patiently to see if she has the gift to handle snakes. “I wouldn’t be afraid if I had the gift,” she says.
Department: Reviews
BOOK REVIEW: Satan is Real Thumbnail

BOOK REVIEW: Satan is Real

While Charlie remained the loving brother until the end, and the triumphs are shared, the Ballad of the Louvin Brothers is as much the story of Charlie’s suffering, torn between his loyalty to his brother and the “suffocating” nature of their relationship.
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