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Benjamin Morris

A native of Mississippi, Benjamin Morris is a writer whose work—poetry, fiction, plays, and essays—appears regularly on both sides of the pond. He once set off a 32,000-count firecracker in the school parking lot, and was never caught-until now. When he's not living anywhere else, he's in New Orleans. 


Articles by Benjamin Morris

Dispatch from New Orleans Thumbnail

Dispatch from New Orleans

This is how New Orleans during Mardi Gras works: You're at a friend's house decorating throws for a krewe, when a call comes in during your third glass of wine. A couple of texts and a bout of phone tag later-during which a place and a time and instructions to "bring gold face paint" are somehow conveyed-and you find yourself dressed as a Wild West gunslinger pushing the queen's float for a krewe that until a couple of years ago didn't exist. But that's just how we roll.
Department: MUSIC
ESSAY: Nick’s Icehouse Thumbnail

ESSAY: Nick’s Icehouse

Who among us does not love a good piss? After making love, with a hasty return to the bed; hungover, after painting the town scarlet; while fishing, going straight into the bayou or the lake; or even just as a break from work, a chance to get up and stretch your legs. That feeling of release, of pent-up tension flowing from your body—how wonderful that such a pleasure is ours not just every day but multiple times?
Department: Online Exclusives
BOOK REVIEW: Fact and Fiction in a Troubled High School Thumbnail

BOOK REVIEW: Fact and Fiction in a Troubled High School

In a field awash with academic treatises, jeremiads, and ideological harangues, Andre Perry has written an unusual book about New Orleans' school system: a fictionalized tale of broken schools, narrated by a young professor who moves to New Orleans to overhaul Lyndon Johnson High.

Department: Reviews
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