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Courtney Balestier

Courtney Balestier is a writer and journalist disposed to obsession with matters culinary and musical. She earned a master's in magazine journalism from New York University and has written for publications such as the NEW YORK TIMES, SAVEUR, GASTRONOMICA, and WIRED. She is from West Virginia and misses pepperoni rolls dearly. 

Articles by Courtney Balestier

Still-life With Cornbread Thumbnail

Still-life With Cornbread

By the time he got to England, family in tow, he found he missed Southern cooking: “And then, for the first time, it felt okay to explore. In London, cleaning up Southern food from the way it’s viewed here is inherently unique and innovative."
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An Orphaned Plate

If Appalachian cuisine could speak, I think it’d sound like my grandmother: loving but no-nonsense, pleased but bemused by your enthusiasm over the meal she’s just made from little more than dried beans and a tin of flour.
Department: FOOD

Our revisionist nostalgia

Perhaps the appeal, to us twenty- and thirty-somethings going about life like it's one long home-ec class, is that georgic chores like composting food scraps or butchering pigs are just beyond our memory's reach, but not so far beyond it that we can't imagine them. The distance makes them perfect focal points in our digitized pastoral.
Department: FOOD
ESSAY: New Appalachian Cuisine Thumbnail

ESSAY: New Appalachian Cuisine

There, chef contestants use the eponymous pan to re-imagine traditional ingredients and recipes into creations that evoke the spirit of New Appalachian cuisine, dishes like greens in sweet-and-sour vinegar sauce, beans in mole sauce, and custard-filled corn bread. Anne Hart, the chef/owner of Provence Market, a French restaurant in Bridgeport, West Virginia, has submitted entries like moonshine haute chocolate, ramp bisque, and (coming full circle) squirrel nachos.
Department: Online Exclusives
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