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Levi Agee

Levi Agee has been a programmer for the Little Rock Film Festival for the past four years in addition to being a film editor and 2D and 3D Animator for a commercial advertising agency and writing a weekly column for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He is currently obsessed with GAME OF THRONES and cites Wes Anderson’s debut BOTTLE ROCKET as one of his favorite films of all time.

Articles by Levi Agee

THE SCREENER: Septien Thumbnail


Each brother is eccentric in his own way. Cornelius, who is unnaturally talented at sports, passes his days getting drunk and hustling strangers. The eldest brother, Ezra, is an obsessively neat Jesus freak. He does his best to keep order in the household—cleanliness is next to godliness, after all. The third brother is an artist; near the beginning of Septien, a shirtless Amos paints various grotesque and cartoonish figures in mostly phallic situations.
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EVENT: New Orleans Film Fest Thumbnail

EVENT: New Orleans Film Fest

The New Orleans Film Festival has a great recipe of films running now through Thursday, October 18. The festival is hosted by the New Orleans Film Society and is now in its twenty-third year (that's quite a long time in festival years); screenings will be held in various theaters around town. This year the festival is focused on highlighting the evolving landscape of New Orleans as a new frontier in filmmaking. With the number of productions rising in Louisiana every year, Hollywood isn’t the only film-production Mecca anymore.
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THE SCREENER: David Gordon Green Thumbnail

THE SCREENER: David Gordon Green

I’m confused. Is the same director who had me getting goose bumps from a swing-set scene between two children now forcing me to watch a fantasy creature take hits from a bong? What would cinematographer Tim Orr say? Wait, he shot Your Highness?!?! I feel sick.
Department: Levi Agee
THE SCREENER: Adventures in Crowdfunding Thumbnail

THE SCREENER: Adventures in Crowdfunding

Suffice it to say, the initial response to my announcement was pretty negative. The Reddit masses liked the premise of my film, but thought the church thing was a “dumb idea.” I wasn’t aware I had tried to spin it as anything other than a “dumb idea.” The film deals with religious themes; I figured if Lady Gaga could be subversive and get attention, so could I. Maybe I need a few Grammy-winning albums first.
Department: Levi Agee
FILMMAKER INTERVIEW: Matthew Gordon Thumbnail


The film eases you along with nice vignettes of the summer life of a teenage punk: filing pennies down into dimes to buy Cokes at a gas station vending machine, taking on a group of equally testosterone-laden teens at a birthday party. For all of Robbie’s crimes, it’s still hard to fault him, as he has no real role model. Lucas is as douchebag-y as lazy, condescending older brothers get—but then, where was his role model? You get my point.
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