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SoLost: Dreaming in Dresses

Xavier Castillo is a shy and enigmatic man. He works in the back corner of a modest second-floor work space, hidden away in a nondescript building in San Antonio's Beacon Hill neighborhood. Xavier would be easy to overlook if it weren't for the fact that he crafts some of the most elaborate dresses in the world for a century-old San Antonio society event called the Coronation of the Queen of the Order of the Alamo.

The dresses are stunning works of art that are bizarre in their intricacy and mind-blowing in their ambition. They weigh fifty pounds. They're fifteen feet long. The design process can stretch over three years, and the fashioning of a single dress can take eight months-involving, among other things, more than 200,000 hand-stitched sequins.

At the helm? Xavier, the master. Meet him here and learn all about this new king of queens.


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