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EYES ON THE SOUTH: Jacquelyn Sparks

Haskell County is in Oklahoma, a state that, according to many, sits right on the border of the South and the Midwest. The county is in fact only about twenty miles away from the Arkansas border. That said, Jacquelyn Sparks’s series Haskell Co. documents subject matter that has deep roots in the South.

Focusing on the county’s female narratives over time, Sparks uses archival imagery and maps, alongside her own photographs, to place these stories within the context of the region's Native American and Civil War histories of the region. The series explores the shared experiences of both the past and present generations of women in Haskell County.

Jacquelyn Sparks is a native Oklahoman and is a hereditary member of the Cherokee Nation. Her research interests include the intersections of historic dialouges within contemporary culture, the archive, and the role of objects in relation to personal identity. She is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Oklahoma. To see more of her work, visit her website.

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