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SEWN IN THE SOUTH: Kimberly Noland

No matter what her fashion sense is, every woman wants to wear flattering clothing that accentuates her assets and downplays her problem areas. Fashion designer Kimberly Noland understands the universal appeal behind showcasing a woman’s best features. A Chicago native, Noland went to Marist College to study fashion design in New York and studied fashion in Florence, Italy for four months, where she honed her eye for style and met her husband, an Alabama boy. Settling down in Huntsville, she’s an astute aesthetic observer. “Fashion isn’t drastically different, but there are small differences in each area [I’ve lived]. In the South it’s a lot more feminine—brighter, more bows, prints, bright colors. The weather has something to do with it.” 

While Noland planned on living in New York City after graduating and pursuing the typical route of working with a designer while trying to branch out on her own, Huntsville is where she landed. After some failed attempts to find a job related to what she wanted to do, she started her own “personal couture” namesake line. Her initial offerings were handmade, but with the launch of the Fall/Winter 2012-13 Collection, Noland decided to grow her brand by having it manufactured in Dallas, Texas. Her Etsy shop has samples and older items for sale at bargain costs, while the newest collection is available on her website and in several boutiques around the South, so women of all budgets can afford a Kimberly Noland creation. 

The Fall/Winter 2012-13 Collection is small and focused—heavier fabrics such as tweed are mixed with lighter weight chiffon, and structured pieces are paired with looser ones to create a balanced silhouette. Classic doesn’t equate boring. Dresses get a playful touch with pockets, sharp secretary blouses balance are given a sexy touch in chiffon. Well placed pleats, flattering necklines, and flowing tops flare out in the right place to not overwhelm the body. These are versatile pieces, appropriate with a pair of heels in the office, or worn casually with a T-shirt for an impromptu brunch outing with the girls. With a heavy rotation of weekly trunk shows in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia, Noland is expanding her brand while keeping in touch with her growing customer base.

In keeping with her feminine proclivities, Noland will showcase cotton candy colors, structured sateen pieces, lightweight silks, and polka dots with a 1950s flair in her upcoming Spring 2013 Collection.


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