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ALBUM REVIEW: Through the Sparks

Alamalibu by throughthesparks

We’ve been thrilled to watch Birmingham cultivate a formidable, rejuvenated local music scene over the past decade or so. In April we profiled Wooden Wand for his recent album with a Birmingham collective dubbed the “Briarwood Virgins,” of which Through the Sparks frontman Jody Nelson is a member. Through the Sparks has become a Birmingham indie-rock staple, and their latest EP, Alamalibu (Skybucket Records), is a fun, mostly lighthearted listen.

southern music alamalibu

That’s not to say they don’t show considerable range. Alamalibu is decidedly more along the power-pop vein than previous releases have been, but there are plenty folk-rock elements that Through the Sparks and many of their Birmingham contemporaries are known for. The group’s been together for nearly a decade now, and we’ll look forward to the next full-length album. Here’s to one of the groups keeping The Magic City rockin’. 


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