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SoLost: Southern-made Chocolate

Bean to bar.

Bean to bar?

Intriguing phrase, but what does it mean? Well, at a small factory in scenic East Nashville, there are cocoa beans (South America's best), multiple tons of beautiful old candy-making machines and several Johnny Cash-lovin' grown-up skate rats making thousands of the tastiest, most unusual chocolate bars & sundry chocolate items you may ever ingest.

Called Olive & Sinclair and founded by boyish chef-with-a-major-sweet-tooth Scott Witherow, the artisanal Tennessee chocolatiers are among the South's first "bean-to-bar" makers of chocolate bars. They're certainly the first to buck the chocolate powers-that-be and make their chocolate with that old Southern staple: pure brown sugar.

Witherow & co. are growing by leaps and bounds and winning over all kinds of chocolate lovers, including Ms. Gwyneth Paltrow, who fell for their chocolate while on location shooting a film in Nashville and promptly shipped hundreds of bars off to friends.

SoLost decided to head to East Nashville to explore O&S's small but intriguing haunt and to find out the answers to the big questions like: "How could you guys be so skinny?" and "What's the most trouble you ever got in with sweets?"

Is one video worth a thousand bites? Probably not, but we did our best. Sink your teeth in, whydontcha?

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