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ALBUM STREAM: Lindsay Fuller

The latest album by Birmingham-native Lindsay Fuller is a gorgeous, haunting gem. Fuller moves seamlessly through the lower regions of a vocal register that has incredible heft. On each track, you’ll be struck by her uncanny ability to control the seemingly volatile power she can produce. Get ready to experience something vast and beautiful, yet simultaneously ominous—very rock & roll.

Initially, You, Anniversary brought to mind a Lucinda Williams/Lower Dens synthesis, a deeper and folksier Brandi Carlile, or a female version of Ryan Adams (at his very best—and as a baritone), but ultimately, Fuller displays an impressive songwriting sensibility and an arresting musical style for which there’s no fair precedent or comparison. She enlists the aid of some talented musicians, including Paul Bryan, who doubles as bassist and producer, and has been involved in producing projects with the likes of Aimee Mann and Grant Lee Phillips.


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