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SoLost: Bo Bartlett's Magic World

Bo Bartlett is an American original. A realist painter with a deliciously surreal touch, the Columbus, Georgia-born artist was a protégé and life-long friend of Andrew Wyeth. His haunting and epic tableaux evoke a Hopper-like sense of longing and mystery combined with a Lynchian-cocktail of menace, beauty, and stranger-than-fiction reality.

A natural traveler with an entire planet of subject matter to pick from, it might surprise some to learn that Bartlett chooses to spend several months each year painting in the modest Columbus, Georgia, home he grew up into paint, no less, in the very bedroom that was his as a child. But it is in fact the place where Bartlett goes each winter, and where some of his most vital work is born.

It's a magic world,” says Bo, and indeed it is. Come see where some of it is born....

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