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PARISH CHIC: Kids Fashion Show at the Ogden

Street Photeaux

Style on the Spot: The Ogden Museum

(left to right) Madison Holmes, Sierra Roberson, Savannah Broussard, Caroline Cerminaro, Sage Singler, Hailey Folse, Ann Kallenborn, Andrea Baudy (modeling for Quarles Agnew), Julia Scofield, Sam Spahr (modeling for Grayson Gold), Grayson Gold, Leah Pearlman, Miranda Beck-Bird, Madeline Bernard, Leah Pearlman

Sierra Roberson

Grayson Gold, designer; Sam Spahr, model

Hailey Folse

Caroline Cerminario

Madeline Bernard

Savannah Broussard

Ellie Pearlman

Leah Pearlman

Style on the Spot: Frenchman Street

Adam Cola is an assistant manager at Goorin Bros. French Quarter. He's also a guitarist and had just wrapped up a set at Apple Barrel Bar. He's wearing a Goorin Bros. hat called The Dreamer. 

Ben Clemons, owner of N° 308 Bar in Nashville, Tennessee, is in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail. He's pictured with his girlfriend. 

Christabel of Christabel and the Jons is a vocalist From Knoxville, Tennessee.

 Jon of Christabel and the Jons is a drummer from Knoxville.


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