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SoLost: The Cheerfully Dark Arts of Louviere + Vanessa

Louviere + Vanessa. Where to begin, really?

What do they do? What DON'T they do?

Artists? Yes. Filmmakers? Uh-huh. Photographers? Double yep. Musicians? Fifty-percent yes. Collaborators? Well yeah, but somehow the word collaborator doesn't quite capture the spirit of the whole endeavor... More like the happy warriors of the trippy, gothic periphery of photographic culture.

Were you also wondering if they might be descendants from wolves. Answer? Quite possibly....

And of COURSE they're in New Orleans. Where better to weave their darkly joyful photographic and film-based semi-narratives.

Married too. Met while Jeff was studying painting at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) and together ever since.

For ten years the couple has been making eye-popping imagery using a series of obscure (or self-invented) photographic processes to fashion some of the more fascinating imagery you've ever seen. Now, with a ten-year retrospective at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, we decided to catch up with the irrepressible dynamic duo.

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