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It's been real, Alabama. We'll miss you and your jubilant, talented musicians. Enjoy some exclusive photos from our final concert in the ABALABIP! series.

Clova and ST sit down for a panel discussion with music critic Ann Powers.

Ann Powers welcomes questions from the audience.


Clova and ST greet fans after their interview.

Fall intern Wyndham Wyeth transports the signage from our Friday afternoon panel with G-Side to the Saturday night concert.

Warming up the stage for our finale concert.

Carlos DJs rare Alabama-music 45s. This guy is a connoisseur in the strictest of senses. If you have a chance to see him spin in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa area, do yourself the favor and get out there.

Lilting country-folk act The Bear cover "September in the Rain."

The Bear's lineup featured a stand-up bass, a banjo, a steel guitar, a baby grand piano, and a ukulele. Florence, you are lucky to have such a dreamy band in your midst.

Louisa strums the banjo.

Jazz legend Cleve Eaton takes a solo.

Jazzed-out Cleve.

Yes, that would be Cleve's saxophonist playing two horns simultaneously. He also shared vocal duties, and his singing is at least as powerful as his playing.

Clova addresses the crowd.

Everybody jams to "My Aura"-one of G-Side's tracks guaranteed to kickstart a dance party.

ST2Lettaz laying it down.

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit's heartfelt rocking out.

Jason Isbell: the Southern Orson Welles?

Isbell gets the football discussion out of the way.

Fans sing along with their favorite Isbell songs, "The Outfit" and "Decoration Day" among them.

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