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ISSUE 69: Photographs from Oraien Catledge

Oraien Catledge, whose work is featured in the current issue, is a Mississippi-born photographer whose portraits echo Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange, according to writer Richard Ford.

Here we present to you a few more images from his forthcoming collection, ORAIEN CATLEDGE: PHOTOGRAPHS. Catledge captures the starkness of the working-class South in the ’80s and ’90s with almost brutal clarity. His black-and-white settings are uncluttered and direct, offering an abrupt intimacy tempered with truth.

All photographs are by Oraien Catledge, from the forthcoming ORAIEN CATLEDGE: PHOTOGRAPHS, edited by Richard Ford and Constance Lewis (University Press of Mississippi, August 2010).

Young girl in tree




Family in car




Young boy in tin race car




Young woman looking over her shoulder




Elderly man

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