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SoLost: Automatic! (A Day at Weaver D's)

Athens (Georgia) culinary institution Weaver D's Delicious Fine Foods was made famous when founder/owner/head chef Dexter Weaver's trademark slogan "Automatic for the People" was lovingly appropriated by Athens-based R.E.M. on its landmark 1992 album of the same name.

Born in Athens, raised in Baltimore, and relocated back to Athens in the early 80s, "D," as he is known to his devoutly loyal followers, is a unique character. Barking "Automatic" to each customer (the regulars get it; newbies like your SoLosters risk complete confusion), "D" takes your main order, then sends you down to the kitchen window to decide on your sides. You can't go wrong. Then it's your choice of seating in the small, homey main dining room.

No matter how confused you are by the opaque ordering process, there's no confusing the quality of the food, the warmth of the atmosphere or the delightfully broad swath of people chowing down all around. Hippy, hipster, suit, rocker, rapper, black, white, red(neck) alike—and everyone else—all live in happy harmony at Weaver D's. Shouldn't you?

If the commute to Athens is a bit long for you, then why not join our latest SoLost sojourn for a (digital) whiff of culinary & cultural greatness ....

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